Entry #4

It's A Mad Word, Charlie Brown

2011-06-15 12:37:06 by The-Real-Joe-Cool

It's been 2 years, but it's finally out now, a new Charlie Brown parody animation. It's not a sequel though. Tony and I had some ideas for the story that just wouldn't have worked if we made a direct sequel. So we decided to start over.

Check it out:

It's A Mad Word, Charlie Brown


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2011-06-16 02:12:21

Truly a dark parody. Lets hope it gets to stay on NG. If you catch my drift as to NG's history.

(Updated ) The-Real-Joe-Cool responds:

the times have changed for the better I guess.


2011-06-18 09:04:22

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2011-06-19 11:53:19

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2011-06-19 14:04:31

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2011-08-08 02:33:58

I thought that was raw, you guys craft true genius out of a parody

It was great and I hope you all choose to continue the series, the only complaint is that I feel like i have seen the demon lord somewhere before, his design kind of throws things off as he doesn't look so much as a dark disturbing character but instead something from an snes game

don't get me wrong it's not that big of a deal and you all did a fantastic job, I'd even go as far as to say you're probably one of the best flash artist on newgrounds, and definitely have tons of potential.

Anyway that's all i had to say bout that. good luck with your future projects.


2011-11-16 17:40:52

I forgot about you


2011-11-21 08:34:59

I really love those Types of shadow creatures.
Your imagination is really awsome.Keep up the good work.


2011-12-20 19:13:33

It's awesome. I am very eagerly awaiting the sequel!


2011-12-23 04:40:37

Since 2011 is coming to a close in about a week, I'm disappointed that you couldn't meet your deadline for the sequel to this fantastic, animated Peanuts fanfic that you have created. Will we be seeing it sometime in the first quarter of 2012, perhaps? Anyway, happy holidays.


2012-06-09 20:18:59

hahaha love the flash


2012-08-14 00:55:00

love the flashes, the comics, and all your work so far. some might find it funny, considering it might seem like a rather dark, but still comical, parody, but your work really finds a path unusually deep into my heart and mind. Just wanted you to know it really touched me and i love and appreciate your work. I would really love to see another installment like you said you would make. I dont know if the project was abandoned or if it's just taking longer than expected. But i suppose we'll see.
I remember loving and hating the charlie brown books. partly because, like him, i was mistreated, neglected, and generally unhappy. and the comics kept being made, and charlie brown never got any happier. it was a disturbing reflection of my life and things to come. throw in the light hearted nature of the comic, and you have an even more accurate depiction of childhood; denial of the misery that is experienced by some. and with the advent of your flashes and other doodads, it both tickles and tortures me how strikingly similar the evolution from a comic with blue undertones to a dark, violent, and frankly macabre (but well made) parody fits in with this rambling story you've probably stopped reading. My life nowadays is like a dark parody of my childhood. filled with demons and horrible, violent thoughts, still though somewhat cartoonish. i can only pray that something changes, and my life takes a dramatic swerve from this disturbingly uncanny reflection of my life so far. yeah, i'm nuts. c'est la vie, c'est la mort, i suppose....


2014-01-12 13:40:27

Where is the sequel of It's a Mad World, Charlie Brown? I wanna see how it ends, big time!